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AZeotropy 2014 – Chemical Engineering Symposium


AZeotropy 2014 – Chemical Engineering Symposium

AZeotropy 2014 College Fest Theme: Chemical Engineering for Rural Development

AZeotropy 2014 is a Chemical Engineering Symposium Organised by: IIT Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Fest dates: 8th-9th March 2014
Last Dates for Registration: 28th of Feb. 2014

AZeotropy is one of India’s largest Chemical Engineering Symposiums. AZeotropy began in 2007 and the fact that it is standing high on such a big platform today, attracting huge audience fills our hearts with pride. What began as an idea with a few events in 2007 has sublimated into a plethora of not only intriguing competitions and events, but also a wide variety of lectures by eminent personalities, panel discussions on critical issues and exciting on-the-spot quizzes, informal events etc. AZeotropy 2013 experienced a footfall of over 6000 college students from all over India.

AZeotropy is an excellent opportunity to generate and disseminate knowledge and information among students from all over India. It is also a public event designed to increase awareness about Chemical Engineering. Our team aims at organizing exciting competitions with whole new package of interesting riddles and quizzes. AZeotropy 2014 will be hosted in March 2014.

Technical, Workshop Events in AZeotropy 2014,Mumbai :
wide spectrum of events, including Lecture Series, Panel Discussion, Informal Talks, Workshops and Exhibitions

AZeotropy 2014 Co-ordinators Details:
Manish Ratna – manishratna@azeotropy.com – PR Head
Akshat Jain – akshat@azeotropy.com – Marketing Head
Vijay Dodwani – vijay@azeotropy.com – OC

How to reach IIT Bombay:

Registration Link: http://www.azeotropy.com
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/AZeotropy
Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/AZeotropy_IITB
Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCffXHfuxVwE_4NaZBp02-yA

AZeotropy 2014 Event Departments: Chemical

Website: http://www.azeotropy.com