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CONNAISSANCE 2K17, JNTUH College of Engineering Hyderabad, Mechanical Department Fest, Hyderabad, 21-22nd March 2017


Event Details:

CONNAISSANCE 2K17 – Xplore the genius within is the annual tech fest organized by students of Mechanical Engineering Department in collaboration with Mechanical Engineering Association, JNTUH college of Engineering.

The underlying philosophy of Connaissance is to promote innovation and creativity among budding engineers as well as young aspiring entrepreneurs .To achieve this we host a plethora of events like contraptions and workshops by leading technocrats ,robotics ,project expo, paper presentations etc .

It is one of the largest and most awaited event in India.

This year’s edition Con2k17 will be held on March 21st & 22nd.

So brace yourself and be a part of this very exciting conglomeration

 Event Caption: Explore the Genius with in

Event Dates : 21-22nd March 2017

Events List in CONNAISSANCE 2K17, Hyderabad:

1 Paper Presentation Topics:



PROBLEM STATEMENT:Design any Mechanical Component.Complexity and perfection in the

design decides the winner.

1.Each team can have a maximum of 2 persons.

2.The contest consists of two rounds.Simple design of minor components are given in first round.

3.Teams qualified in the first round will be promoted to final round.

4.Infinal round the qualifying teams will be asked to design the assembly part of component

designed in the first round by their respective team members and assemble it.

5.The complexity and perfection in the whole design is judged.

6.First round: 35mins. Finalround:45mins.

7.Teams exceeding the given time will be penalised.

8. Solidworks software will be provided for design.

9.Personal Computer will not be allowed.

10. Pre deigned components are restricted to use in any for min the product. If any ,found to be used team will lead to immediate disqualification.

11.In case of any discrepancy the final decision rests in the hands of coordinators.

12.Innovation on design or mechanism will be given Prize of appreciation.

Kiran – 7032757386
Kashif – 8801719986


Each participating team has to make a manually controlled robot.
The Task is: Participant has to start robot from start zone and should leave arena through any one of the three exits in limited time with maximum points.

The arena consists of the following parts:
Start Zone: Blue Coloured Circle(1) o Exit Zones: Blue Coloured Circle(3) o Goal Points: Yellow Coloured Squares(10) o Bonus Points: White Coloured Squares(5) o Key Points: Green Coloured Triangle(2) o Safe Path: marked in Black o Danger Path: marked with Red

The surface of the arena will be level, flat and hard.
The dimensions of the arena will be announced soon.
The colour of the arena,shapes and number of shapes are subject to change. However any changes made would be specified in bold on the site and also mailed to the registered participants.

Each team is allowed to have only one robot.
The robot should be manually operated robot.
The bot must fit into a cube of 300mm x 300mm x 300mm (lxbxh) at all times.
The maximum potential difference between any two points on the robot should not exceed 24 volts.
Robot weight should not exceed 8kg.

Initial Setup:
Prior to the event, each team will be allotted 5 minutes, for testing their robots in the arena. A schedule for the same will be put up, 2 days before the event.
During the event, each team will be given 5 minutes to setup their robot in the arena.
After the game starts, only one member from a team will be allowed to enter the arena.

Game Procedure:
The robots will have to start from the start point specified by the organisers.
The arena will have several goal points, key-points,bonus points and multiple exits. Each of these will be marked as coloured squares/triangles in the arena
10 points will be awarded when the bot moves over a goal point square, 20 points for bonus point square and 30 points for crossing the key point triangle.These points will be awarded only if the front wheel of the bot travels more than 3/4th the length of the square.  To be eligible to pass through any of the exits, the robot will first have to go through the key-point triangle.  The bot should always stay within the tracks. o If the robot deviates out of the track, it will be reset back to the start point. o The team can also request the robot to be reset, in case of any technical issues. o In case of reset, 40 points will be deducted. o A robot will not be awarded any points for crossing the same square more than once, even after a reset.
A robot can be reset only up to 3 times, after which it will be disqualified. o The maximum time allowed for a robot in the arena is 5 minutes, irrespective of resets. When a reset is called, the timer will be paused till the robot starts again. The game should be resumed within 2 minutes of calling a reset. o The game is completed when the robot reaches any of the exits, given exit conditions are met. o If the robot completes the game before the time limit, a bonus of (300-T)/7 points will be awarded, where T is the time taken in seconds to complete the game.
The exit zone points will be announced soon.The points and game time may change.
Participant with highest points is announced as winner. o In case of tie the participants will be given a second run with slight modification in the arena.
All teams will have to produce their robots for inspection by the organisers, when asked. If they are found to be unsafe or violate the specifications in any way, that team will be disqualified.
If a team is not ready at the time of the competition, the organiser has the right to disqualify them.
Any damages caused to the arena, will lead to disqualification.
The organiser cannot be held responsible for minor scratches left in the arena, by a previous team.
Participants should not dismantle their robots before the results are announced. The organisers may request to produce the robot for inspection, in case of any suspected rule violations.
Participants can register in teams of 1-4 people.
Students from different educational institutes can form a team.
All participants must have a valid ID card from their educational institute.

Contact us:-

Dileep Ravula:+919491785504

Srinath Chakravarthy:+918712832287


Gear up to put your theoretical knowledge into practice and be ready to make your hands dirty.Bring out the real Practical engineer in you!!

1. A workshop activity like Carpentry, Tin Smithy, Fitting, etc, will be given on spot.
2. Raw materials and tools will be provided to the participant.
3. Tools personally brought are not allowed into the event, If used during the event without any intimation to the organisers, the team will be disqualified immediately.
4. Top three teams who do the activity in minimum given time and with maximum precession will be qualified for the next round.

1. In this round participants are asked to perform a lathe operation, which is disclosed on the spot.
2.Top TWO(2) teams will be rewarded with merit certificates.

1. Maximum members in team shouldn’t exceed two.
2. Team members can also be of different institutes
3. Should report the team on the given time sharply.

For quires and details contact:
G.BALAJI – 7207711913
AASHRITH -7702484800


The objective of this contest is to complete the course in the shortest period of time while accurately tracking the course line from start to finish

Be an innovator and walk on the lines of change. A simple event based on robotics. Build a line follower robot, which is capable of following line path which is produced in front of it.

First of all the robots will be checked on their specifications. Once they will clear the test then the track will be provided. The robot which will not fulfil the specifications will be disqualified. The robot that will finish the track in the shortest time will be a winner.The team which covers 5 mt. track distance will be eligible for participation certificate

The track is laid out using black tape on white base.

On a white base black lines will be made and the robot has to sense and then traverse the track.
There will be a starting point and an exit point.
Sharp angles may occur, but will not be smaller than 90°.
Event Location can be open area so obstruction light can be There
SIZE-should not exceed a particular limit
DIMENSIONS-30 by 30cm.
VOLTAGE-It should be a battery. No AC source would be provided.
max 12v
WEIGHT- 10kg max.
NOTE: If the robot does not follow the required specification then it will be disqualified.
Line Followers must be self-contained, and not externally operated by wire or by remote radio control during the race.
The team should have maximum four members.
The exact path will be disclosed at the time of the event.
The path will have white base and black lines.
In 2nd round of LFR there will be technical presentation of the project work done by the student on there respective part individually. average will be taken for finals
The robot which will cover the given path with accuracy will be a winner.
Kamesh – 8985355035
kartik- 9573157014


Problem Statement: Design a robot which plays soccer. The robot would compete against others in 1-1 matches.Rules:
Each team will have to defend the goal on its side as well as score the goal on the opposite side.
Each team can have a maximum of 4 team members.
The weight limit of the robot for this competition is 5 Kg.
Each robot should not exceed by maximum 30cm.
A team can make either one robot or at max, 2 robots(manually controlled) taking into consideration that the total weight of 1 or 2 robots, the controller and batteries should not exceed 5 kg. (This means that whatever components the participants enter on to the field should not be more than 5 kg.)
The start zone for the single or both robots is 500mm x 500 mm. (Single or both the robots must be able to remain completely inside the start zone before the start of the game).
The game will start at the count of 3 given by referee followed by whistle. In case a team starts its robot before the whistle, the game will be restarted and a team making this mistake for more than 3 times will be disqualified.
The ball can be either dragged or pushed by the team.
A robot can extended to a dimension of 500mm x 500mm x 500mm maximum (independently) once it crosses the start zone.
Each goal scored by a team by rolling the ball on the ground will fetch the team 1 point.
For any fault in the game will lead to negative points (-1), negative points includes wire touching the ground, manual touching to robot.
The voltage at any point on the electrical connections should not exceed 12 V DC.
The game will last for 5 minutes.
Maximum 2 members per team will be allowed to remain close to field for operating the robots.
In case of jam up of robots for more than 30 seconds the robots will have to kick-off again at the order of the referee.
In case of any discrepancy the final decision rests in the hands of coordinators.
Any act of misbehaviour or misconduct will lead to immediate disqualification of the team.
The robots are not allowed to use grippers or actuations which are intended to harm the opponent’s robot.
The competition is aimed at making the game a friendly football match rather than a robo war.Contact 

Naveen – 9989929849

Kamal – 9177864369


Do you believe in good moves? Because one wrong decision might be your last move! We at CONNAISSANCE introduce Aquabot battle, a robotic event where you with the help of your aquabot will complete required task in a real time battle with your opponent.Team Specifications
Maximum number of participants allowed per team are 4. Student from different educational institutes can form a team.Certificate Policy
Certificate of appreciation/participation will be awarded to all the teams and certificate of excellence will be given to top three teams.
Disqualified teams will not be considered for any certificates.
Game play
Duration of each game will be 3 minutes.
The robots must push and place the balls in the holder.
Robot will start from the centre of arena.
The arena will comprise of 3 green balls, 1 red ball, 1 yellow ball and three holders per participant.
You can start by pushing any one ball in any of the holders.
One holder can only hold a single ball at a time.
Team which will place all three green balls in the holder will win. In case of timeout, the participant with maximum number of green balls in their respective holder will win.
If a red ball is placed in front of a green ball, that green ball will be placed back to its original position and the red ball will stay there. Till the red ball is in the holder a green ball can’t be placed in front of it.
By placing a yellow ball in front of the red ball, both the red and the yellow ball will be picked and placed outside the arena.
Once placed in the holder, the ball cannot be replaced/moved/touched by the bots.
In case of a draw, it will be resolved by the organizers only.
In all matters of ambiguity or dispute, the organizers’ decision stands final and abiding.
The event is time-based i.e. the bot completing the task first will be declared as winner.
All balls will be placed at initial position at start of the game.
The bot can neither transform in size nor divide in parts at the arena.
Two hand touches, 30 seconds each will be allotted in case of immobilization of bot for modification or repairing.
12V maximum power supply is allowed. Change of battery during the game is prohibited.
All efforts must be made to protect battery terminals from a direct short and causing a battery fire, failure to do so will cause direct disqualification.
Use of damaged, non-leak proof batteries may lead to disqualification.
Special care should be taken to protect the on-board batteries. If judges found that the battery is not properly protected, then team will be disqualified immediately.
Robot should not damage any part of the arena. In case it does it will lead to immediate disqualification.
Participants are requested to have necessary protection for their circuits. Organizers are not responsible if your circuit is damaged.
In case of a draw, it will be resolved by the organizers only.
In all matters of ambiguity or dispute, the organizers’ decision stands final and abiding.
Aquabot Specifications
The bot can be wired or wireless.
Maximum dimension of bot 25cm X 25cm X 25cm.
The game is only meant as a fun medium through which participants can get a better insight of the event.
Game play and rules given for the event are final and any variation or loop hole found regarding the game play in this game are to be ignored.
This game should not be used on the main event day to point out loopholes or game play related issues.
For any query regarding the event game play, contact the event heads.

Contact –
Thirumala – 8978123897
Hima Bindu – 9491571179



CONNAISSANCE 2K17 Registration Fees :

Event Co-ordinators:

Sashank Ph.no: 9177221508
Imran Ph.no: 7207489097
Uday Ph.no: 9581575152
Mukkaram Ph.no: 8801806472

Fest Mail ID: connaissance.jntuh@gmail.com

Website link : http://www.connaissancejntuh.com/

, JNTUH College of Engineering Hyderabad, Hyderabad, Hyderabad,
Starting on
March 21, 2017
Ending on
March 22, 2017