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CONTINUUM V18, Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 13-14th March 2018


Event Details:
“Continuum” is a continuous evolutionary sequence of objects in which elements do not vary from each other but the extremes are quite distinct.As Continuum is ever evolving and ever changing cycle of innovations and similarly technology evolves and re-evolves till there is a Fallout. So, we choose the theme of Fallout as “Retro-Futuristic” appeal to our technical fest.

Event Caption: Learn, Evolve, Repeat

Event Theme : Fallout

Event Dates : 13-14th March 2018

Events List in CONTINUUM V18, Chennai:
Technical Events:
1.Paper Presto
2. Start-up Box
3. Voyage 2.0
4. Mock Auction
5. Appster
6. Search Engine
7. Mind Spark

Non-Technical Events:
1. HQ Trivia
2. #GST
3. Code Breaker
4. Pic Talk
5. Word Anxiety

Many more Suprise Events & Attractions.

Workshops in Chennai:
There are 4 Workshops going to happen for 2 days. They are:
On 13th March 2018::
1.Virtual Reality
2. Programmable Robotics

On 14th March 2018:
1.AI using Chatbot (Artificial Intelligence)
2. Internet of Things

The Cost of Workshop is Rs. 1000/-

Paper Presentation Topics:
Any Topic related to technology is accepted for that

Last Dates for Registration:
The deadline for online registrations is on 12th March 2018. Spot registrations are available on 13th March 2018 in the College help desk.

CONTINUUM V18 Registration Fees :

The registration fees for all the students is Rs. 300/-

Event Co-ordinators:
1. Patanjali – 7397401049
email:: cvssrpatanjali13@gmail.com
2. Continuum Official Number – 9514233758
(Any Co-ordinator can answer)

Fest Mail ID: continuumv18@gmail.com

How to reach Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai:
By Train:
1. From Central Railway station walk through the link road to Park Station from there board onto either Tambaram or Chengalpattu EMU Suburban train and get down in Tambaram Railway Station.
2. From there walk towards East Tambaram (Towards Madras Christian College (MCC) from there can take a cab to Bharath University (Costs around Rs. 50/-) or can board onto 51A, 51K , S6 etc buses.

By Road (Bus or Car):
1. Can Board a bus to CMBT Bus station from there you can get into CMBT Metro Station and drop-off at Tirusulam Metro Station from there can board a cab directly to Bharath University.
2. Directly one can board 70C bus directly to Tambaram from CMBT and from there can come to college through cab.