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EDGE 17, Techno India Salt Lake, Annual Techno Management Fest, Kolkata, 7-9th April 2017


Event Details:

EDGE 17, the annual techno management fest organized by GEEKONIX, the official science club of TECHNO INDIA , SALT LAKE will take place on the 7th, 8th and 9th of April this year. It is the largest techno-management fest of Kolkata and the second largest in Eastern India . Over the years EDGE has succeeded in carving out a niche in the social calendars of the youth. It presents an impeccable array of opportunities for the students to showcase their skills, be it in the world of gaming or in robotics. With an overall prize money of over 7 lakh INR, EDGE ’17 with the official tagline EDGE’17. THINK. DREAM. LIVE., promises to be bigger and better than ever before . With an expected footfall of over 5000 students and participation from over 100 colleges, the mega glitz will be nothing short of a spectacle . It promises to provide people an amazing experience with Edge Deeds, Edge Talks and Edge Nights.

Event Dates: 7-9th April 2017


Events List in EDGE 17, Kolkata:

1) ROBOTICS: Expedition, Excelsior , kick-o-bot, Export , Perplexity, Exult , Explore , Blitzkrieg, Exstreet

2)COMPUTE AID : Flawless , Bug hunt , Crypto quest , CodeMart , CodeOut , Game of Zones.

3) CYBER CRUSADE : CS 1.6 , CsGo , NFS, FIFA , DOTA 2, Mortal Kombat

4) MONEY MATTERS: B-plan , B-quiz , Addomedia

5) INFOCUS: Crumbs , Odyssey , Shoot-m-up , Insta click

6) FOOD FOR FUN: X-Quiz’it , Wizcase , Kwiznet , Food relay, Creation-x-nihilo, Food product labelling

7)NEWRON: Electronically yours , The Quiz , Youth Parliament

8)CREATE IT : Mekanix , Rags to Riches

9) INNOVATI: Project View

10) JUST LIKE THAT : Treasure Hunt


Event Co-ordinators:

Ashish Choudhary +919836891210
Shubham Sharma +9198369 33862
Priyankar Banerjee +917044298043

Fest Mail ID: geekonix@gmail.com

Website link :http://edg.co.in/