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MAHAYANTRA14 is a technical symposium organized by Indira Institute of Engineering & Technology,Pandur

Event Dates: 30th September 2014

Last Date for Registrations: 27th September 2014

Details: Mahayantra14 puts forward innovative technical and non-technical events which are planned to be conducted in a precise manner. The basic objective of this technical symposium is to bridge the gap between mechanical science and academic institute. Moreover it will establish industry-oriented research. The topics are from the wide spectrum of mechanical engineering subjects.
Mahayantra14 will provide a common platform to academicians, researchers, scientists, engineers and industrialists to exchange their expertise in their respective fields. The 21st century is the new era of knowledge and entrepreneurs who play a vital role to promote and bloom the grasp among the society, the globe as a whole.
Mahayantra14 brings to you, our platform for all unprecedented and innovative ideas. Peter F. Drucker says,
“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship…the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.” Most innovations started off as a mere hunch or an idea. An idea that changes the way we look into things that work, so bring forth your ideas to improve the lives around us. Elucidate your ideas and flaunt them here at Mahayantra14 which presents you with the best opportunity to unleash the Engineer in you.
Events in Mahayantra 14:

Paper Presentation
Lathe Master
Development of Solids
Auto Quiz
Hydro Rocketrix
Auto Glider
Fun Games

Website: sites.google.com/site/mahayantra14iiet/