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Modeling of Semiconductor devices and sensors


Modeling of Semiconductor devices and sensors Organized by manonmaniam sundaranar university

Date of Event: September 11th-12th,2014
Last Date: August 18th

Event Details: The seminar targets to introduce semiconductor industry about new trends in semiconductor characterization. Semiconductor or solid-state devices are one of the most important inventions of last century that revolutionized development of the whole world. Almost nothing in the world could operate with using any semiconductor devices. This training is
designed for those engineers and researchers with limited knowledge or background in the area. The course wil discus and revisit fundamental concept of nanotechnology, in particular semiconductor devices and folow by giving the operational, device configurations and application of each common devices in contemporary enginewring applications.Sensor networking technology is being applied in many environments and with multiple purposes: transportation and logistics, for structural health monitoring, habitat monitoring, precision agriculture, tourism, sports and entertainment, among est others. These
networks are composed of low-cost, low-power miniaturized sensor and actuator nodes thatcommunicate untethered across short distances to carry out their collective tasks.

Department: centre for information technology and engineering
Contact Details: cdivya@msuniv.ac.in,9655803745

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