Home Events in Banglore PRODIGY 2017, Kristu Jayanti College, Management Fest, Bengaluru, 14-15th February 2017

PRODIGY 2017, Kristu Jayanti College, Management Fest, Bengaluru, 14-15th February 2017


Event Details:

PRODIGY 2017, attracts the best brains from all over the country and provide them a common platform to compete and demonstrate their abilities in event, ranging from FINANCE, BM, best Entrepreneur BUSINESS ANALYST!
It’s a two-day fest, where every participant and college battles for the top spot.
The festival will be a high-profile event which would attract students from various colleges in and around the country to compete on a big scale and showcase their management skills. This will be the Eleventh Edition of PRODIGY, the annual management fest of the college. This event is conducted mainly with the view of inculcating managerial skill and nurturing the potentialities of various participants, participating in different events like human resource, marketing, finance, best manager, entrepreneurship and business quiz form various colleges in and around Bangalore.

Event Dates :  14-15th February 2017

Event Caption: Experience Is Just the Beginning

Event Theme: Master Chef

Events List in PRODIGY 2017, Bengaluru:

Do you love what you do? plan? Have a clear vision? A third eye vision? A good knife? Where confidence is a key for you, where origins are important, where each ingredient is prominent!
Welcome , you can be the MASTER CHEF!
Participants (give pic): 1/team

You are in a platform where ideas meet execution! And if you believe you are the person who can make a new recipe, even a cuisine.
Here is your chance to present your idea and solution before panel of experts, show your business acumen and also create some value.
Participants (give pic): 1/team

A bag of ideas, spoonful of creativity, a pack of charm, a pinch of manipulation and flattery to taste.
Its Yum provides you chance to prove your marketing skills and sell out the dish to become ultimate champion
Participants (give pic): 2/team

“Human Resource isn’t a thing you do, it is the thing that runs business”
Do you have the confidence to make this statement come true?
‘Welcome to Chef Hunt’ ,where you fight a series of round to achieve the glory of the title.
Make your ethics and out of box thinking sharp!!
Participants (give pic): 2/team

Now it all about managing reputation.
Can you understand and support your clients? as well as try influencing opinions and behavior.
Yes, you can win it, welcome to Food Critic!
Participants (give pic): -2/team

Its ‘money time’, we always look for worth of money, right?
It’s you can visualize the world in terms of number,
Yes, this is game for you!!
Participants (give pic): 1/Team

Are you the one, who keep analyzing things happening around you, let it be real/hypothetical. Let us give a try, come let us play a different game!
Participant (give pic): 1/Team

Will you be able to find that special dish recipe?
Let us see!
Participant (give pic):2/team

Last Dates for Registration: 10 FEBRUARY 2017

PRODIGY 2017 Registration Fees :

1000 for overall registration and 250 per event for individual event registration.

Event Co-ordinators:

Staff Coordinator
Vinod Joseph: 9945451095

Student Coordinator
Akshay N M :9526247410
Nithiyashri M:9164106799

Fest Mail ID: prodigy2017@kristujayanti.com

Website link : http://kristujayanti.edu.in/