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Sparkrill 14- Cultural Festival


Sparkrill 14- Cultural Festival

Sparkrill 14 is a Cultural Festival Organised by: SR Engineering College, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh

Fest dates: 24th-26th January 2014

SPARKRILL’14, a 3-day youth cultural festival gonna hit back after a very long gap…….It’s exculsively cultural amigos…!!!
The SREC youth festival SPARKRILL is the essence of joy, color, fun and music. It is a youth festival conducted by SREC as a tribute to culture and music. It provides a recreational break to the students from the busy schedules of training and learning and rejuvenates them. The events are organized and managed by the students themselves. Many students from other engineering colleges have also been taking part in the events and are having a great time!!!!

Cultural, Literary, Online Events in Sparkrill 14, Warangal :
Cultural Cocktail
Kite Festival
Treasure Hunt
Group Dance
Fun-filled Spot Events
and many more….

Sparkrill 14 Fest Guests: Jimmy Felix

Sparkrill 14 Co-ordinators Details:
Anil Parikipandla

Facebook Link: http://facebook.com/sparkrill14

Poster Link: http://sparkrill.org/poster.jpg

Sparkrill 14 Event Departments:
CSE ECE IT EEE Instrumentation Mechanical Energy Metallurgy Industrial Telecommunication Ocean Aeronautical Aerospace Material Mining Automobile Design Marine Ocean

Sparkrill 14 Accommodation: Will be provided.

Website: http://sparkrill.org