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SPOORTHI 2017, JNTUH College of Engineering Hyderabad, Annual Techno-Cultural Symposium, Hyderabad, 21-22nd March 2017


Event Details:

SPOORTHI 2017 is the annual Techno-Cultural symposium conducted by the Department of ECE, JNTUHCEH. Started in 2004 as a Technical fest and right from its inception, it has received an immense response from all over the state.
Spoorthi offers a platform for students to compete with their peers in myriad of events that test their mettle and knowledge in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

This year we are going to organize SPOORTHI 17 on 21st & 22nd of March 2017 with a lot more exciting events on the day.

Event Dates : 21-22nd March 2017

Events List in SPOORTHI 2017, Hyderabad:

        1. E-PAPYRUS

“Innovation is neither a concept nor any form of technology but is the expression of your individuality in any field.”
Any great innovation has a history of zeal to think beyond the limits. We call out for this zeal in you to bring forward ” Something New and Something you”, in the field of Electronics and Communication. The Paper Presentation is aimed at instigating all those enthusiasts to showcase their ideas. It gives you an opportunity to manifest your knowledge and your ability to make everyone understand it. Its a platform to showcase your talent and in-depth knowledge in the areas of your interest. “Great minds discuss ideas, Average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people”, is a famous quote by Elanor. SO be the PERSON at our EVENT to showcase a brand new IDEA. Be that GREAT MIND!!

9493253412 – C Haritha
9032761984 – T Prathyusha
9490589178 – R Harshini
7396991592 – M Aishwarya


Without innovation, we would still be sending each other letters and postcards. Innovation has made our lives more comfortable. So, why not add more to innovation, There is always something new to invent or something more to explore in the known information. There is no limitation in the areas of innovation, and so we have no bar on the topic of the Project Exhibition either.

8186036045 – M Vimala
8985981857 – P Haritha
8499822333 – D Sirisha
8179695092 – K Sreeja

      3. POSTERIZA

“Design is not about how it looks or feels like, but about how it works.”
Any idea when expressed pictorially, is always percieved far better than when done only in words. When the articulation is in pictures, it also draws more attention to the subject. This way, the audience of the subject increases. To present a technical subject pictorially is a challenge. The Poster Presentation is in search for those “hatke” thinkers who can present a purely technical (ECE) subject onto a poster.

7702172713 – G Mallika
9948711149 – Sisira
9985430080 – Shruthima

 4. Line Seguidor

An autonomous Line follower robot that can detect the track and follow the high contrasted black line drawn on the white surface. Generally,the path is predefined and it may have trajectory with curves, angles, broken lines at any point. Thus the robot should cross those points and find the dead end & stop there.


Ravi Kumar: 9100690761
Chaithanya: 9059911771
Sainath : 8500200946


Let it be diodes and ICs, a set of continuous brain teasing questions is always electrifying. Get ready for the most exciting event, where teams from all over the nation come to battle it out.Be ready to get your grey cells ringing now!

7207251140 – P Gayathri
9553555233 – P Alekhya
8185926387 – N Sai Priya


Digilogix is a great platform for enthusiastic engineers with basic knowledge in digital electronics to showcase their technical and logical skills.
In the event, participants will have to shoot against the time to rig up the circuit .

9063534132 – D Mona
9908662859 – M Srivalli
9502020040 – A Poojitha


Are you a mystery-junkie?
Do you have a knack for unravelling secrets?
Or do you simply seek to test your aptitude at solving mysteries?
Look no further, as SPOORTHI, in association with TELANGANA TOURISM, presents the next edition of The Spylock’s Chamber, returning with baffling mysteries, perplexing riddles and diverse mind-games. Summon your inner detective and suit up to be the Overlord of The Spylock’s Chamber!

9640484377 – Lasya
9550827185 – Kaashyap
9989019982 – Meghana
9177229036 – Sanjay


Scavenger Hunt – It is a techincal treasure game.
It is a technical event which tests your basic knowledge in electronics.
7893041950 – Saba
7032351324 – Sushma
9640950246 – Akhila

Paper Presentation Topics:

All trending Topics abstracts are accepted.

Last Dates for Registration:

For Paper, Poster & Project presentation 19th March 2017.
Spot events are available for rest of the events.

Website link http://www.jntuhspoorthi.com/

Event Co-ordinators:

Akhil Yalagonda : 9951090919

Fest Mail ID:  spoorthi@jntuh.ac.in

How to reach JNTUH College of Engineering Hyderabad, Hyderabad:

JNTUH, kukatpally, Hyderabad.

JNTUH College of Engineering Hyderabad, Hyderabad,Hyderabad,
Starting on
March 21, 2017
Ending on
March 22, 2017
SPOORTHI 2017, JNTUH College of Engineering Hyderabad, Annual Techno-Cultural Symposium, Hyderabad, 21-22nd March 2017